About Medical Spare Parts

Medical Spare Parts develops, produces and sells components for usage on patient hoists, shower chairs, skip chairs and mobility scooters.

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience in this market, we know it inside out and can guarantee the best quality of products for your application.

The reason you have never heard from us before, is because we operated on the background in the past. Producing parts directly for manufacturers of the equipment. As of 2015 though, we decided to produce and sell these parts directly to the end users and maintenance companies.

Our mission is to make the care in general and maintenance specifically a bit more affordable and support our customers with a high service level. We try to achieve this by setting a high quality standard using only the best components in our products and a fair pricing. This results in a longer operating life, meaning you not only save on the purchase but also bring the frequency you'll need spare parts down. 

Through this webshop we want to serve our customers on a broad level. From private users to dealers and maintenance companies. 

Fuirthermore, we aim to extend our product catalogue weekly for the coming period en to aid you in the best way possible in the search for affordable spare parts within your area of expertise. We try to achieve this by providing extended technical documentation on each of our products together with our product specialists of customer service, who you can reach at customerservice@medicalspareparts.com.

We hope to start a long term relationship with you and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions! 


With best regards,

Team Medical Spare Parts